Friday, 9 September 2016

WI Sports Week – launching on 12 September

On Monday 12 September, the first ever WI Sports Week will kick into action with a huge range of activities and events planned and run by federations across England, Wales and the Islands.  The NFWI Facebook page will be dedicated to sharing as many of these as we can, as well as showcasing expect information and advice from members of WIFE - Women in Fitness Empowerment.

WIFE brings together some of the most inspiring and influential women working in the health and fitness industry today and provides training and education, as well as a platform for women to share their expert knowledge.  Engaging more women in taking part in regular exercise, sport and activity is an important part of their role and they hope to help as many women as possible to the health benefits and the enjoyment of leading an active lifestyle.

During WI Sports Week, the WIFE Expert Team will be bringing tips, advice and videos to motivate and encourage everyone to try something new, or answer any questions you have.  Their expert team represents true diversity of ages, interests and ability and includes busy mums with small children as well as older women with grandchildren.  From fitness competitors and athletes to disabled instructors, there will be someone on hand who understands your particular needs because they are just like you.

Throughout the week we will be introducing experts from the WIFE team and linking through to their social media accounts so that interested members can contact them directly to ask questions and find out more information.  We will also be showcasing some of the activities and events taking place in federations everywhere, and sharing photos from members who are getting involved – so if you are planning to attend an event, please let us know and send over your photos!  Keep an eye on the NFWI Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information, and for inspirational help and advice from fitness and sports experts.

We will also be sharing information, images and events planned by federations and WI members everywhere, so please do get in touch to let us know what you're up to, and check in with our social media accounts to see what fellow members are up to.  It promises to be a really inspirational week!


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