Monday, 12 September 2016

Introducing the experts…Mary Huckle

We will be introducing a range of different experts from WIFE throughout WI Sports Week so make sure you check back in regularly to hear more…

What do you?
I am the founder and owner of Breakthrough Fitness.  I’m a personal trainer and Pilates instructor working with clients from all walks of life, and I’m qualified in pre and post-natal exercise and children’s fitness.

How did you get involved?
I have a background in banking and finance but decided to embark onto a fitness career about 12 years ago as health and fitness was always a lifelong passion of mine. The majority of my work is for a variety of personal training and I also run Pilates classes.

Why is sport and exercise important to you?
Undoubtedly, the general benefits of exercise are immeasurable; after all, there is enough evidence to suggest that exercise is the new drug. For me personally, however, it means so much more. I have been twice diagnosed with breast cancer and exercise has been my saviour. Furthermore, having first-hand experience and knowledge of a chronic illness now enables me to pass on my expertise and help others in similar situations.

Every day, exercise is being recognised for its long term health benefits, in particular for people who have suffered some kind of illness. Being unwell can throw us off track to wellbeing and this is when we may need encouragement and help from someone else. I actively help women during and after breast cancer surgery and treatment, empowering them with the reassurance and knowledge that their quality of life can and will improve at a time when all seems quite bleak. The key is to recognise that you can remain or become active during these difficult times.

Twitter: @mary_huckle

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