Friday, 24 March 2017

Take part in Earth Hour on 25th March

With just one day to go until Earth Hour 2017, preparations are well underway for what is set to be the biggest year yet.

Every year since 2007, WWF’s ‘Earth Hour’ has reminded us all of the pressing need to treat our environment with the care it deserves, by calling on individuals across the world to turn off their lights for one hour on one day each year. On this tenth anniversary year, we wanted to take a closer look at what this Hour really represents, and what makes this year’s Earth Hour so important.

2017 has been the hottest consecutive year on record, and in the wake of major climate talks in Paris and at home here in the UK, political action is desperately needed. With polar ice caps melting and sea levels rising at an alarming rate, it is no wonder that nearly 1 in 6 species now run the risk of extinction. By switching off your lights for just one hour, you can join millions of people across the globe in a symbolic show of support to protect planet Earth before it’s too late.

In the run up to March 25, well over 200 landmarks across the country are preparing to make their Earth Hour matter by switching off their lights and plunging into darkness for one hour. Last year saw families and friends across the nation holding candlelit board games, dinners and talks in the name of climate change.

With the government set to release their plan for how they are going to reduce emissions, WWF need more people than ever to sign up and #MakeClimateMatter.

If you would like to join them and take part, you can take inspiration from the resources available on WWF’s website to help you plan your own event.

Remember to switch your lights off for one hour at 8:30pm on March 25, and make this year’s Earth Hour count by sending a clear message that you want action on climate change right now.

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