Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Inspiring resolution

Guest post from Amelia Wilson, President of Nedderton and Bedlington WI, proposer of the mandate that inspired the Love Your Libraries campaign

Although I was initially nervous about submitting a resolution for consideration by the WI, I felt concerned enough about the proposed cuts to library funding and threatened closures that I reached a point where I could not let the opportunity pass.  Once I had composed my resolution, I was grateful for the support I received from my local WI members and the committee at my local federation. after proposing the resolution, it was so gratifying to watch it progress through the selection procedure and eventually find it accepted, although I was somewhat nervous about the prospect of addressing over 4,300 fellow WI members at NFWI Annual Meeting in Liverpool.

I felt fully supported in the debate from my fellow WI speakers on the day, from the guest speakers Erwin James and Sir Steve Redgrave, and to my delight, the resolution was passed by a large majority.

It is not every day I am called upon to address a very large crowd, but I would definitely encourage anyone who feels as strongly about any subject as I did about the library cuts to press on and confront their initial reluctance.  If I can produce a resolution, I am sure most members can enjoy the same success.

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