Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Eco-Friendly Ovens Set to Slash Energy Waste and Save Consumers £1.1 Billion

WIs and environmental groups across the country will be pleased to learn that thanks to new ‘Eco-design’ regulations aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of common household appliances, ovens and hobs just got a whole lot greener.

The new rules, which come into force today, mandate that manufacturers improve the energy efficiency of their products by, for instance, improving insulation or redesigning oven doors to mitigate heat loss. This directive will be phased in over a number of years, with no new appliances that score less than an “A” efficiency rating being allowed on the market after 2019. Eco-designed appliances will also have the added benefit of cutting an estimated £1.1 billion from Britons’ energy bills by 2030. This means that in the near future, consumers in the market for new kitchen appliances will be spoilt for choice when it comes to functionality, affordability, and sustainability.

This is very welcome news. Since the 1920s the WI has called for responsible and practical environmental stewardship. Whether it’s campaigning to clean up oil from our seas, urging the government to invest in alternative energy sources, or protecting the countryside from pollution, ‘green’ concerns have helped shape the WI’s identity over the past one hundred years.  Therefore, it will come as no surprise to WI members that new ComRes polling  on these “eco-design” regulations has revealed that ninety percent of respondents support energy efficiency regulations, and, furthermore, that the majority (59%) of those polled say they would even pay a little bit more for an energy efficient appliance.

Commenting on these new regulations and the polling data, our Public Affairs Chair Marylyn Haines Evan had this to say:
“Whether you’re turning your hand to a Victoria sponge or a Sunday roast, it’s reassuring to know that ovens and hobs are becoming more energy efficient, insulating you better from volatile energy prices while also cutting carbon emissions. No-body likes to waste energy, and in fact the survey shows that people want regulations that cut down on waste. Knowing what we do about the risks that climate change presents to the UK, it’s clear that better designed appliances are a boon both for householders now and for the world that our children will inhabit.”

The WI will continue to monitor any new developments, but until then Bon Appetit!

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